FORCE Project events

The FORCE Project aims to holistically address the positive and negative impacts of the 4IR on the EU and its member states. Through a constructive Europe-wide debate, FORCE explores proposals for the EU to provide an effective means of collectively addressing the challenges of the 4IR. The FORCE Project focuses on various economic, industrial, environmental and social 4IR key issues and challenges: capacities, vulnerabilities, risks and alternatives, that need to be explored for the development of consistent, inclusive and sustainable EU policies.

The first FORCE Project event, which took place on July 8th 2021 in Athens, was meant to be an introductory Workshop and the first of three live events comprising the continued FORCE debate. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the decision was made to expand the scope and content of this event. The FORCE Conference was a hybrid event, with limited physical attendance as per the Covid-19 Restrictions. All the FORCE Conference material, is uploaded on the FORCE Project website.

Conference 2

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